Winter is coming…

ACowboyForXmas_Garbera_smallNot the scary kind from Game of Thrones but the Montana kind with Christmas Strolls, hot chocolate and kisses under snow-covered pine trees.  My first cowboy romance is A Cowboy For Christmas and will be available November 5 through Amazon.

I’ve started a Pinterest board for it and if you want to add any photos on the board I’d love to see them.

Here’s a little teaser:

She tasted like hot chocolate and peppermint.  He held her face in his bare hands, her skin was soft and the trail of her tears damp but he didn’t think about anything other than her mouth.  It was full and luscious and as his moved hers, he wondered why he’d waited so long to kiss her.  She tasted of memories and yet at the same time this was a totally new experience.

The last time he’d kissed her he’d been a boy… eager to cop a feel of her breasts or coax her into the back of his beat-up pickup truck.  Now he was a man.  While he was still eager, he knew how to savor things, especially – Annie.

He slid his fingers into her hair, beneath the knitted cap she wore.  Her hair was silky and smooth.  He deepened their kiss, hungry for so much more of her.  Her taste was addicting and he knew he’d never get enough of it.

Her hands slid along his sides to his waist and she tugged him closer to her.  He canted his hips forward and she rocked hers against him.  Damn, she felt good.  The bulge in his pants was hard and all he could think of was how to get them both naked.

But a chill breeze blew through the thick fir trees, stirring the scent of the evergreens and bringing a light dusting of snow down on them.  He pulled back, but her eyes were closed and her lips full, swollen from his kisses.  So he couldn’t resist bending down and taking one last taste of her.

He lifted his head the second time, every instinct urging him to scoop her into his arms and find someplace sheltered so he could make love to her.  But he knew that now wasn’t the time.