IMG_5123Autumn is a season I didn’t know as a child.  Growing up in Florida there aren’t many leaves changing colours or really  a big change in season come October/November.  One thing I could always count on is it would be cold on Halloween so we’d have to wear a coat over our costumes and that on Thanksgiving day we’d watch football and then White Christmas.

The funny thing about that movie White Christmas is that if you are a kid with a big imagination you start to believe that even though the normal temperature for December is in the 70s maybe upper 60s if you believe and wish you might be able to make it snow on Christmas Day.

As an adult I know that can’t happen but as a child I had dreams that I thought I could make come true.  My parents were really big believers in encouraging my sisters and I to do whatever we wanted.  I mean stuff we really probably shouldn’t be attempting but they didn’t put limits on it.  Like the summer my sisters and used latex balloon tied to lawn chairs to try to fly.  Every day we’d go outside and start again with a new idea.  Some new way we were going to get it to work.  It never did but we never stopped trying to come up with new ideas for how to make it work.

So a white Christmas seemed totally doable to my childhood self.  🙂

Of course it never snowed–though we did get a really hard freeze one year and my sisters and I scraped the ice into some snow looking particles and figured we’d done the best we could.

Have you ever made something happen just by believing it could happen and your own determination?


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