Teaser Tuesday…In Too Close

9780373798261Hi everyone! I’m busy working away on a new book that will be out next year but here’s a little teaser from In Too Close, my Harlequin Blaze that is out now. Bradley and Elizabeth are having a late night video chat…
“I’m guessing logic had very little to do with it. But to be honest, I wanted to see you again, too. Our date ended kind of—”
“Flat,” he said. “It’s like we both retreated to safe corners.”
“Exactly. I’m not sure what to do next,” she confessed. “I don’t want to scare you off….”
“He shoved his hand through his hair and looked down at her face on the tiny screen.
“You won’t.”
He watched her for another long, drawn-out moment and then said, “So, about why I called…?”
She arched one eyebrow at him. “I’m not naked.”
“Another dream dashed,” he grumbled.
“Are you?”
He had on boxers, but knew his image on the phone probably did look naked. He might not have the perfectly ripped muscles of a Hollywood action-movie star, but he was in good shape, thanks to his business, and knew he didn’t look half-bad naked.
“No,” he said.
She moved around on her bed, pushing her pillow and curling up on her side. Her sheets fell and pooled under her arm, and he noticed she had on a T-shirt. He looked more closely and realized it was his T-shirt. One that he’d left at her house last summer when they’d spent the day on some Tremoto bikes he’d been thinking of renting in the shops.
“You’re wearing my shirt.”
“I am.”
“I… It makes me feel closer to you,” she said. “Ever since Marina’s wedding five years ago I’ve been thinking of you.”
She had? Why had it taken five years for him to find out? Because Lizzie wasn’t a woman to move quickly, which was why he had hesitated earlier. But no more. If he let her set the pace he’d be on Viagra before they made love for the first time.
“I’d be happy to replace my T-shirt.”
Want to read more?  Check out another excerpt here.
Happy Tuesday!!!

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