Backlist Spotlight: Fathers

Since it’s Father’s Day weekend, I wanted to spotlight a few of my backlist titles that deal with fatherhood. I have a great dad. He’s always been there for me and whenever I’m in a tight spot I know dad will get me out of it. Even as an adult if I need him he’ll be by my side no matter what. I love that.

th_037376104X.jpg.pagespeed.ce.LccVNDc3jIThe bond of family has always played a big part in my books starting with my first title for Harlequin Desire, The Bachelor Next Door. My heroine is a single-mom who has loved and lost and doesn’t want to have a rotating cast of men in her life as she raises her son. The hero feels responsible for his own family’s deaths and is reluctant to let himself care for anyone again in case he fails a second time. The book was originally released in 1997 so there aren’t cell phones and the Internet isn’t big in the story but the family and the people are still real.

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My Devonshire Heirs series is all about the father. Take one billionaire playboy with too much charm and sex appeal and add in three very different women who all cross his path in the same summer and you end up with three very different, very charming alpha heroes. Master of Fortune, Scandalizing the CEO and His Royal Prize feature the heroes who all deal with their father, his demanding will and imminent death in very different ways.

9780373733910Lastly, my latest release Carrying A King’s Child delves into the fatherhood issue from both the role of impending fatherhood and fatherless child. I have always believed that kids don’t ask to be born so as parents it’s our job to do our best to make sure that they never feel like their birth was a mistake.

2 thoughts on “Backlist Spotlight: Fathers

  1. I just recently re-read Katherine’s The Bachelor Next Door and it was as good now as the first time! Can’t wait to read Carrying a King’s Child.

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