Tuesday Teaser

This week I’m featuring a little teaser from EYE CANDY.  I think the cover is a big tease but the book is about more than sexy neighbors who are friends with benefits.  Here’s a little teaser from the middle of the book.

Eye CandyShe watched as he glanced around her kitchen, the overhead lights under the copper lamp shades brought out a sort of blond highlight in his brown hair. He cleared his throat.

“Kiss more strangers?” he asked.

“Um…what? I’m not sure that your life was about that,” she said.

“No, that’s what your chalkboard says. Is that your goal?”

“We were talking about you,” she reminded him and hoped to hell she wasn’t blushing but could feel the heat in her cheeks and knew she was.

“We were. I guess I don’t know what my life would be without going back on the force. I told you I’m a shallow trust fund kid. Asking you about kissing strangers seemed safer,” he said.


She knew exactly what he meant by that. She’d done the same thing with him all day. Referred to him as the hot cop or Officer Hottie. Anything to keep it from seeming like she might really be interested in this man who’d kissed her and, whether she admitted it out loud or not, changed her world.

“What are the chances you won’t get back on the force?” she asked. She wasn’t ready to talk about her chalkboard or whatever it was he made her feel. Not yet.

It had always been so much easier for her to listen than to talk about herself. She wondered if that had anything to do with how she felt about where she was in her life. Give her a hunk of chocolate and the ingredients for a decadent truffle and she was full of confidence.

Leaning back on the barstool, he crossed his arms over his chest. “I’d say about ten percent.”

“Is that because your leg isn’t fully healed?” she asked.

“Partially. Also Internal Affairs are conducting an investigation into the perp I shot and killed.”

His words made the room seem heavier. She doubted she’d ever been in a room with anyone who’d killed another person before.

“Has that happened to you before?” she asked.

He shook his head. “This was the first time. I’ve fired at suspects who ran before and tasered a few but this was the first time I was in a shoot-out.”

He seemed lost. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on inside of his head but she knew if she’d killed another person even to save herself that the memory of it would linger.

She wondered if going back on the force was a good idea, but then reminded herself he was an adult and could make his own decisions.

She reached out to him and he uncrossed his arms and took her hand. She squeezed it. She didn’t know what to say.

Cops did a dangerous job. She knew that from articles she’d read in the paper and from the officers who came into her shop for candy and cocoa after their shift. She didn’t want to think of Garrett in danger or dying.

“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked.

He looked at her. His grey eyes so full of emotion, some of it easy for her to identify—anger, fear, maybe self-doubt.

“No. Thanks,” he said, firmly.

She took her hand back. Firmly put back in her place not as his friend but as the next-door neighbor who’d kissed him and tried to seduce him.

“I’m not…it’s not you, Hayley,” he said. “I’ve had too much to drink and I feel angry when I think about what happened. I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about it.”

He was wise even when he’d had too many, she thought. “Too bad you didn’t lose your keys then you could spend the night here.”

“Honey, when I spend the night here it will be because you asked me too, not because I had too much to drink.”


Don’t forget to check out the EYE CANDY page to read more.


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