Tuesday Teaser

ONWTP-300dpi-300x450Today’s teaser is from ONE NIGHT WITH THE PLAYBOY.  It’s Nick’s book in the Whiskey River series I’m doing with Eve Gaddy.  Nick has been such a fun character to write.  This scene is a hot one but the story is also emotional and sweet!



She licked her lips and he groaned.

He brushed his thumb over her lower lip and she parted them. Everything else seemed to disappear. He didn’t have to think or figure out anything else tonight. Just had to take her in his arms his gut said, then everything would be okay. He wrapped one arm around her waist and drew her closer to him.

He could feel the warmth of her body beneath the thin layers of her nightgown and her robe. She wrapped her arms around his neck as her breasts nestled closer to his chest and he lowered his head.

Taking the kiss that he’d wanted since he saw her standing on the balcony. His redheaded angel. Sent to him when he needed her most. He rubbed his lips over hers, teasing her mouth open. He felt the brush of her tongue against his and he stopped thinking. Couldn’t do anything other than suck her tongue deeper into his mouth. God, she tasted good. Better than he’d remembered.

Want to read more?  Check out the excerpt. Want to buy it? Click here for links!

Happy Tuesday!

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