Being Mommy

It’s throwback Thursday and I’m feeling a like I have too much space in my empty nest!

100_0529I have some friends who are anxiously waiting for the empty nest. They have trips planned (and not to visit the kid at college), they have classes they finally have the time to take and lists of things that they have been waiting to do.

I don’t. Sure there are a few classes I’d like to take, but let’s face it wasn’t the kids at home that was keeping the DH on the sofa when I suggested taking ballroom dancing classes. It was my lack of coordination and his fear that I’m not joking when I mentioned that I thought we could do some of those cool lifts that we always see on Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars.

IMG_1282I’m really proud of both of my children. How they’ve transitioned from high school into the adult world. I know that in part that’s down to the excellent parenting they received (self-5) but it’s also the people that they have always inherited been. I love to see them out in the world succeeding or as my 23-year-old daughter likes to say “adulting”. But a part of me just wants to have them back on the floor of my office, stapling together lots of note paper and making a book like mommy.


I know no matter how grown up they are, they will still need me and that makes me happy. And if sometimes I feel a little sad that they are off being happy in the world that’s okay. I still have Godiva! 🙂

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