Top 5 for Fall!

Continuing with the grateful theme for this month. I wanted to tell you the five things I give thanks for everyday. I mean my family comes first of course but these are little things that mean a lot to me and might seem silly to someone else.


1. My iPad. I hate to admit this because my hubby was determined I should get one and I’m sort of a luddite so I was like ‘thank you, but no’, then I got one. And I love it. I write on it using this very cool app called Hanxwriter. I play games on it Ghostbusters and Township. I read on it with my Kindle app. Truly I don’t know what I’d do without it!

2. My fluffy socks. I grew up in Florida (as I’m sure many of you know) and that means I never owned a pair of socks. I wore flip flops year round and have purchased socks from a vending machine at the bowling alley before. But living in the UK means it’s cold and I need socks. I didn’t realize the nuances of socks prior to this so when I found a pair that didn’t feel too tight around the ankles by the end of the day and have aloe in them so they are soft and fluffy, well, I sort of fell in love with them!
IMG_14413. Laduree Maria Antoinette tea. I can’t really describe it because it’s just so yummy and I love it. But I will say that if I had to lose my head to drink this tea, I’d consider it. ☺
4. Harry Connick, Jr’s new CD That Would Be Me. I think that one is self-explanatory. I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time and this new album is fabulous.
5. StatiIMG_1440onary. I love to write notes and buy paper. It’s a sad, strange addiction that has followed me from childhood. I also have compulsively saved one sheet of every stationary set I’ve ever received as a gift. I love writing notes and sending them off to friends. This is a picture of my current favorite notecards.


IMG_1439Tell me your top five for Fall and you’ll be entered to win a holiday prize pack. The prize pack includes the complete set of Holiday Heat books, a Christmas tree tea infuser, and a Monet notepad. Just leave a message on this blog by Monday and I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 for Fall!

  1. not entering for contest.

    I love black tea–most flavors. Hot cinnamon by Harney is a particular favorite.

    I love my kindles.

    I just bought an Irish ruana to keep me warm in the evenings or when I go out and want something a little prettier than my usual coat.

    I hate wearing shoes in the house, so I love my isotoner ballet slippers.

    I bought some really cute felted snowmen to go with my collection. No, I have not put them on display, yet.

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