Happy Thanksgiving!

**UPDATED eawells is the winner of my prize giveaway.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving in on Thursday! Are you ready? It’s not a holiday here in the UK so I have to adjust my plans to everyone’s school and work schedule. My hubby is in charge of making sure I can watch the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For me it’s not Thanksgiving unless I can watch the parade. In the US we have a family tag-football match but in the UK since it’s usually dark and raining after we eat, we tend to skip it.

I’m making pies today, side dishes on Wednesday and of course the star of the show on Thursday. I’ve got the house decorated and have solicited ‘yearly gratitude thoughts’ from my family. My son’s usually is that mom only makes us do this once a year!

IMG_1443What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Tell me for a chance to win a Holiday Heat Prize pack. I’ll pick a winner tonight and post their name tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. **don’t count me for the prize**

    I make everything. I watch the parade as I ready the bird and stuffing. I look for my neighbor’s kids in the parade–her mom works at Macy’s in NY, so they have an in! The rest of the day–except for eating–is football for the guys.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. My husband and I share the cooking. I love watching the Macy’s parade and the the Dog Show. Of course we also watch football. We eat in the late afternoon because my daughters go to their guy’s family earlier in the day. One tradition we always do at meal time is go around the table sharing one thing that we’ve been grateful for this year.

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