March Madness

IMG_1368So most people have March madness and it’s all about getting your bracket correct. Picking the right teams and seeing how they play out.  For me the madness is a monthlong celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and spring.  I’m not going to lie, spring is hands down my favorite holiday.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida and the scent of orange blossoms from our family grove would fill the air and to my child’s mind herald the arrival of my birthday.

I could put away my socks and walk barefoot outside in our yard.  Since we lived behind 100 valencia orange trees using the term yard is being generous.  It was filled with crab grass and dirt and a large 1/4 acre garden that my mom and dad tended.  Strawberries and green beans and tomatoes would all ripen and be warmed by the sun.  I’m sure my mom was surprised at the small yield of her crop after my sisters and I had spent the afternoon walking up and down the rows eating whatever looked ripe.

As a child March was divided into two sections for me…my grandfather and cousin Thomas’ birthdays at the beginning of the month and then just mine at the end.  🙂 But then everything changed when I had my Coco on the 18th.  I didn’t mind sharing my special day with her.  And then four years later my nephew took the 20th and two years after him my niece claimed the 15th.  Now we were on a roll.  We had a week worth’s of celebrating especially when you add in my brother-in-law (19th) and sister-in-law (21st) and suddenly March wasn’t just my special month, it was a celebration of family.

Since the core of who I am is really family I couldn’t be happier.  I don’t live as close to my family as I’d like so we catch up via text, video calls and Facebook and I can’t put my socks away just yet since its still in the 50s in the UK, but I am definitely enjoying my own personal March Madness.

What about you?  Do you have a month that is all about family celebrations?

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