Attention Book Lovers!

9780373799145I am looking for people to review my upcoming release NO LIMITS. I had a crash on my website email server and lost all the names of those who had previously signed up to review for me. If you would like to read and review for me, would you please sign up again?

For most titles I will send you an ePub file.

Just enter your name in this form and I will get the book out to you. This book is releasing in e-book at the end of August and in print on September 1.


Here is the link to sign up.

No Limits review copies will be going out this week.

Thank you!!!


Goodbye 2015

HAPPENED Year!I love this week. Everyone is home and we have no pressure to do anything but hang out and enjoy our time together. I’m doing some writing on a project that I really love and setting goals for 2016.

I have ordered a new planner system for 2016 and it won’t be here until the first week in January because I dithered so long about which one to choose. But since I use my planner every day it was a big decision.

2015 was a challenging year for me.  On one hand I dedicated myself to writing every day and found that I loved the journey the stories took me on because of it.  Not that I didn’t enjoy them in previous years but the stories unfolded in a different way last year.  The challenging part was the health of the men in my life.  My husband and my dad both had big health issues this year and are thankfully recovered and doing much better, but they took a lot of my energy.  I found strength in my friends and my family during that time.

For 2016 I’m envisioning a year with a lot of great new books and lots of happy times with my friends and family.  I
hope you are enjoying lots of fun during the last week of 2015.

Happy early New Year!