Like many of you I love bookstores. I’ve never been able to walk past one without stopping. I love the smell when you walk in…all that paper and binding. Here I am getting my book geek on in a few different places.

IMG_0568The Harper Collins UK office. I am trying to convince my husband that we need a wall like this in our home. I don’t know if it would be a good weight baring wall but I live it. Since I have been fortunate (thanks to all of you readers) to have had my books published all over the world I think I could fill a wall with just copies of my own books. How cool would that be?


This is Blackwell’s in Oxford. It’s one of the largest bookstores I’ve ever been in. There were five floors of books. I spent hours in there. Luckily there was a cafe in there so I could keep my energy up. 🙂


IMG_3953This last picture is of me in front of the British Library. I was very excited to get a library card here and am looking forward to requesting some very old books. I can’t wait to read them and then to think about the other people who have read them over the centuries.

Tell me about your best book experience.

Around the World with Kathy

I always dreamed of traveing when I was a little girl. Most of the time I was perched high up in the branches of the swinging tree day dreaming of the places I would go. But as an adult travel is a lot easier. I’m frugal so I’m always looking for a travel bargain. Also I grew up with a lot of camping vacations so when I go away now I like to be pampered a bit more than I used to be.IMG_1296

I have a list of places I’d like to go. I tailor them to the location where I’m living safe in the knowledge that I will get everywhere before I die. I am currently living in the UK that has opened up Europe to me at nice price. I’ve been to France and Italy a couple of times and am planning a trip to Germany soon.

My most recent trip was to Tuscany with my daughter. We were hoping for an Under The Tuscan Sun holiday but it was rainy and cloudy most days. That wasn’t too bad because we are from rainy locations any way. And as my dad has pointed out more than once I’m not that sweet so no fear of melting. 🙂